Artists Captured During 2017

Year Retrospective on Behance

Click on the image above, ladies and gentlemen, and see for yourselves the portraits of the fabulous mutant artists I had the pleasure of capturing during 2017 in chronological order.

Be amazed by these masters of 3D modeling, muralism, toy design, street art, sculpture, pixel art, pop surrealism & vandalism who have subjected themselves to my experiments voluntarily to be fused with their creations using highly advanced digital surgery techniques.

My Biggest Portrait to Date

If you visit the Loft Hostel in Barcelona, you’ll have the chance of seeing the biggest Symbiosis portrait ever created (nearly as big as the artists herself!). I had never printed any of my photos in this size before, but the organisers of the Secret Loft festival wanted something bigger than what I normally use for gallery shows. They organised a festival with more than 20 artists to decorate their Hostel, the event theme was the integration of humans in nature, something we tend to forget when living in a big city, so it was really easy to select one of my photos: the portrait of the Menorcan sculptress La Foix transformed into a tree watering herself couldn’t be more appropriate.

She was one of the artists invited to the event too, she was making some vegetable sculptures with her team of green artists, Paral·lel, at the hostel garden. No one told her we were going to hang her photo inside, we wanted to give her a surprise. So, after installing the portrait, I asked her to come inside and remove the protective plastic from the photo with me.

Taking out the plastic is my favourite part when setting up a show, it’s like peeling the film form a new mobile but much bigger, pure pleasure, and I wanted to share this feeling with her. We even recorded a little video to share this moment of collective happiness with the people from the Internet! Hope you like it. : )