Group show at AktivitÄt bcn with my portrait of Victor Castillo


The people form AktivitÄt bcn asked me to curate the first ever group show in the gallery. I accepted this quest and selected 13 artists from the low-brow and street art world to make a collective exhibition about superstitions, opening on Friday the 13th of November at 20:13. A few days before the opening, one of the artists told me she couldn't make it, so I had to find a replacement urgently. As there wasn't much time to create a piece about superstitions from scratch, it wasn't an easy task to find someone, but I finally came up wiht a fantastically keen solution: to curate myself! I just had to select one artist portrait with some superstitious theme or scary atmosphere, and I found the perfect solution, my portrait of Victor Castillo casting a ghoslly shadow with his hand.

Some people mistakenly think I started curating shows because I knew many artists I had met while taking portrait pictures for my peculiar experiments; and, as a consequence, some gallery owners asked me for help. But this theory is totally untrue, the real reason why I started curating exhibitions is to include my own work. After some time and a few negative responses from art spaces, I realised the only way of getting curated is to curate yourslef, I trully believe in the DIY way of life. Some people told me I should use a pseudonym when curating my own work because a professional curator shouldn't curate himself. But I already use a pseudonym for my work, I don't really care so much about looking professional, and I think rules are made to break them (probably these bad habits come from my past in the world of graffiti), vandalism stays inside you forever once you fall in love with it. I also don't enjoy lying, so I daringly curated myself without any kind of consideration or name changing. And I must say everything went pretty well taking into account we were playing with superstitions and breaking rules, below you can see some images of the opening as a proof.


Esa Extraña Compañía
"That Strange Company" (series of paintings about death by Juanjo Surace)
Youth Admiring Juanjo's Work
Ilia Mayer
Checking the Prints
Detail of Ilia Mayer's Watercolor
Checking the Prints
Contemplating Mono's Sculpture
Contemplating Mono's Sculpture
Emilio Cerezo & the Tattoo Crew
Emilio Cerezo & The Tattoo Crew
Joaquín Jara & Fans
Joaquín Jara & Fans
Adriana Maluquer with her Beautiful Piece
With my Portrait of Victor Castillo
Adriana Maluquer with her Piece "Embuste"
Me with my portrait of Victor Castillo
Thierry & Me
Experienced Collector Telling Me Nice Things About my Work
Talking About Hombrelópez
Girls Talking about the work of Hombrelópez