noun (pl. symbioses) Biology an interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association,
especially to the advantage of both.
– origin C19 : mod. L. , from Gk sumbiosis ‘living together', from sumbioun ‘live together', from sumbios ‘companion'.


I started making these photocompositions to censor graffiti writers and street artists who were worried about the exposure of their faces on the Internet in pictures taken while they were committing acts of vandalism and other criminal activities.

Not only the artists were happy with the result, but also graffiti lovers and street art enthusiasts truly enjoyed these digital collages; and both encouraged me to make more.

So I started travelling to the artists' studios and workplaces to take portrait pictures of them in their natural habitat,
surrounded by their tools and weapons, and making more elaborate compositions to deeply integrate them with their characters.

I started with my friends, then friends of friends, and finally artists I had never met before but whose work I also admired;
not only street artists and graffiti writers, but also painters, graphic designers, illustrators, sculptors, tattoo artists, calligraphers, fashion designers, 3D artists, toy makers and other specimens; including some eclectic subjects who devote their time
to various of the aforementioned activities. People who work behind the scenes: artists who install their work on public spaces
without asking for permission, like Lister; graphic designers who draw extraordinary illustrations for clients without being credited
in the final campaign, like Inocuo; fashion designers who create surreal pieces of clothing for performances and films, like Manuel Albarrán; tattoo artists who change people's skins forever, like Turkesa; painters who work on movie sets, like Joaquín Jara...
I believe it is important to document the existence and environment of these artists, as it is very easy to find
their works around, but it is not so easy to find information about the person behind it.

This project could not exist without all the people who opened the doors of their houses, studios and workplaces,
and let me capture a moment of their life, trusting my skills to portray them preserving their anonymity.
I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to them for taking part in this experiment,
and for bravely offering themselves to become mutants happily.

This is a lifetime project, I can always meet and discover some new interesting specimens
who deserve to be portrayed and merged with their creations to update and improve this freak show.